About Us

Founded in Philadelphia, Zero Point Motor Company’s mission is to advance transportation through lightweight electric vehicle (“LEV”) technologies. From slashing carbon emissions to reducing noise pollution, traffic, and gridlock, we’re on the cutting-edge of sustainable performance solutions.

Origin of our Name

Zero Point Motors is inspired by the infinite quantum potential of the “zero point energy” field, popularized by Nikola Tesla in the early 20th century.  Zero point energy or “ZPE” for short, was attributed to the virtually unlimited source of energy contained in the invisible ether of our universe. Scientists have theorized that a mere cubic inch of the air surrounding us holds enough power energy to power the world multiple times over — if only it could be harnessed. 

Our Purpose

We launched Zero Point Motor Company in response to the increasing demand across the globe for cost-effective last-mile transportation solutions and the failure of existing competitors in our industry to establish themselves as trustworthy name brands producing safe and reliable products.

After consulting with hundreds of factories and suppliers, we partnered with manufacturers whose outstanding track records deemed them best-equipped to develop high-performance lightweight folding electric scooters in accordance with our needs. Over thousands over hours, we’ve achieved something unmatched by our competitors. In developing top-tier electric scooters with premium components, we’re able to offer high performance folding electric scooters for adults with unparalleled reliability requiring near zero maintenance – all while producing zero emissions and operating without the drone of a traditional gas-powered engine.

What was previously thought impossible is now possible.